About Me

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“Every artist was first an amateur” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm Anissa (pronounced A-nee-sha - don't ask :). I live in Dallas, TX with my husband Ron, my son Santiago and our 3 rescue dogs - Bella, Rocco and Dexter.  My day job keeps me busy leading teams for a large corporation, but as soon as I can log off for the day you will usually find me creating something.

I create art because it is my safe space, my space where I can shut down all the multi-tasking and just be.

I love to work with different mediums - acrylics, glass shards, alcohol inks, wood, canvas and resin.  I draw a large portion of my inspiration from nature and the colors of nature - whether it be beaches, mountains, trees, sunsets or sunrises.  I am also fascinated with outer space and the vibrant vastness.

Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone - everyone has had to start from the beginning, from a place of curiosity.  

I am busy creating new pieces that I will soon post on my site for purchase. Please check back in!