• Anissa

Artin' Around

I hear many times when I'm talking to my friends and family about the art I've created that they wish they too were creative. Everyone has in them the innate need to create - where we differ is how we see the world, which ultimately drives what we do with our creative side.

When you take a walk, do you notice the design and color of your neighborhood? Do you notice the colors of the trees during fall? Folks who love to create, whether that be poetry, photography or painting notice the things around them in bright detail.

When I see vibrant autumn foliage, I stop and take it in - I smile and appreciate the connection of the moment.

When I watch the ocean waves, I notice the colors in the sea, the sky. Not just for the appreciation of the background, but for the potential for what I'm experiencing to speak through me on whatever medium I choose.

So, the next time you are just "artin around" take note of your experiences;

of nature and take in what it is saying to you - if you give it a chance, you can create too!

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