• Anissa

Feeling thankful

Today I am feeling thankful. No, not just today, but especially today. I have some great friends and supporters who by word of mouth continue to get my art noticed. Over the past several months, I have made 10 pieces for family and friends who have given my art as gifts or collected it themselves.

Why is this important? For artists, it is hard to get your art noticed - especially in the unique times we live in where community festivals & art shows are very few and far between. To have a network of friends and family who love nothing more than to sing your praises means a lot and keeps you in the creative frame of mind.

Someday very soon, I hope we can get back to a more "normal" way of life (whatever that looks like) and I can showcase my art to strangers in an in-person setting.

Until then, sing away, sing away friends!

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